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      GyoRin is a global venture based on nanomaterials & its applied technology pursuing the evolution of agriculture by applying them into eco-friendly smart agritech.


      • [Material Dev.- Product Eng. - Commercialization] 3-In-1 Technology as Solution Provider
      • Mass production Technology of Nano Material & Applied Product
      • Energy Saving Smart Farm System based on Energy Efficient Materials & Parts

      Business Area

      • Smart Agrisystem & Big DataEnergy Saving, Improved Working Environment, Increased Yield & Revenue
      • Nanocarbon Materials & Applied ProductsFunctional Carbon Nano Materials, Flexible Planar Heater(Low Power Consumption)
      • Deep Sea Mineral WaterBalanced Natural Minerals optimal to meet human body’s requirements


      • Renowned German Institute : Joint R&D of Neo Concept Nano Carbon Material & Application
      • Petrochemical Conglomerate : Nano Carbon Intermediate Project
      • Haydale : High Performance Carbon Nanotube Dev. & Supply
      • Malaysia : Introducing Smart Progressive Agritour System (SPAS)