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      GyoRin is a global venture based on nanomaterials & its applied technology pursuing the evolution of agriculture by applying them into eco-friendly smart agritech.

      Deep Sea Mineral Water?

      • Running below 200m water level unreachable by sunlight
      • Water temperatures below 2℃ and rich in mineral & nutrients
      • Cleanest water source with little organics, bacteria, etc.


      • Temperatures LowWater temperatures
        stable at below 2℃ keeping water safe from organics and bacteria
        → Water quality stable all year-round
      • Nutrients RichRich in nutrients
        → Excellent for plant growing
      • Clean & PureSeparate layer from surface water
        → Clean and safe water free from environmental contamination
      • Mineral HighMineral contents 300 times more than surface water
        Mineral balance similar to human fluid(Mg:Ca:K=3:1:1)
        → Balanced source of natural mineral

      Deep Sea Mineral Water : Blue Water

      Water from East Sea of Korea 605m below from sea level with Mineral balance our body requires, Mg 3 : Ca 1 : K 1

      Blue Water - Feature

      블루워터특성 목록
      Item Bluewater Jeju Hala Mount. Samdasoo Volvic Auvergne evian (France)
      Source Deep Sea Mineral Water Volcanic Bedrock Water Spring Water Spring Water
      Hardness 80 19 60 304
      Mineral Content Mg : Ca : K 3 : 1 : 1 1:1:1 1.5:2:1 26:80:1
      Mg (mg/liter) ~ 1,270 (Controllable) 1.9 8.0 26
      Ca (mg/liter) ~ 367 (Controllable) 2.6 11.5 80
      Characteristic Functional Drink with Mineral Content similar to Body Fluid General Drink General Drink Mineral Drink

      Bluewater - BabyVolume : 350ml, 1,200mlMg:Ca:K = 3:1:1

      • Why baby water is importent Water to baby? Baby needs 3 times more water[150ml per kg] than adult with great importance of water to baby health. Good water works for better blood circulation, metalbolism, activation and growing of baby Way baby water is important? Baby lives in water for 10months before birth and body is composed of 80% of water. Water is the most and frequently consumed by baby in milk and baby food.
      • Blue Baby Water Hardness 160 with rich minerals helping healthy baby growing & great mixability with powder milk
      • Wise mother's selection criteria of good baby water
      • Excellent Digestion Baby's digestbility is very low, for which low particle size water is necessary for faster absorption and digestion.
      • Healthy Growing Magnesium plays important role for baby growing & emotional development. Water is like nutrient taken with breast milk or powder milk
      • Optimal Mineral Ratio & Great Miscibility with milk Water with excessive mineral has poor micsibility with water and leads to minaral discharge unabgorbed. Dehydration may occur due to water discharge occurring simultaneously

      Bluewater - KidsVolume : 350ml, 1,200mlMg:Ca:K = 3:1:1

      'Blue kids Water', right water for kids with rich natural minerals good for growing kids

      • Natural minerals, essential nutrients for kids growing, in a ratio of Mg 3 : Ca 1 : K 1, optimal mineral balance our body needs.
      • Natural minerals, great for physical and emotional development of 4~10 years old and concentration improvement with Mg content, helping Ca absorption, 20 times higher than bottled water.
      • Ionzed minerals in deep sea water absorbed quickly into the body playing various roles related to nutrients absorption, physical balance, muscle function, etc.
      • Hardness 140