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      GyoRin is a global venture based on nanomaterials & its applied technology pursuing the evolution of agriculture by applying them into eco-friendly smart agritech.

      Heat dissipating compound(‘Tephra’) & Electric conductive compound(‘Ficura’) applied for comprehensive range of functional parts & products

      • LED Lamp heatsink
      • Modular LED lampl heatsink
      • ATM bill carrier parts
      • ECU Parts functional frame
      • TFT-LCD/OLED Cassette
      • Chip Tray
      • TFT-LCD/OLED Display conveying parts

      Nano Carbon Compound & Applied Products CNT Dispersion

      The best properties of nano-carbon are distributed evenly and reliably in water and special liquid media with a dispersion solution suitable for various applications and characteristics.

      • Parts with Thermal Conductivity
      • Parts with Electrical Conductivity
      • Flexible Film Heater
      • Reinforcing Effect of Ceramic and Metallurgy
      • Increasing the Cooling Effect of Refrigerating Parts


      • Low viscosity: Convenience of work
      • High concentration: Superior usability
      • Commerciality: Wide range of applicability
      • High Price Per Performance

      Nano MC-Nylon

      Various parts machined using rods and sheets made of nano MC-nylon are more resistant to abrasion than general MC-nylon. The lifespan of parts is greatly improved and in particular, due to electrical conductivity, it is best for parts such as semiconductor equipment and electric vehicles, and it is expected to replace imports and create new demand. As it is suitable for parts, it is expected to replace imports and create new demand.

      나노MC-나일론 목록
      Item Unit Nano MC-Nylon MC-Nylon
      Density g/cm³ 1.15 1.15
      Surface Hardness R 120 110
      Tensile Strength Kg/cm³ 900 850
      Tensile Modulus Kg/cm³ 37,000 32,000
      Impact Strength kg.cm/cm 5.0 5.0
      Wear Resistance Wt% 0.025 0.05
      Surface Resistivity 10E6~8 10E14
      Melting Point 220 220