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      GyoRin is a global venture based on nanomaterials & its applied technology pursuing the evolution of agriculture by applying them into eco-friendly smart agritech.

      Data based Digital Agriculture System SPAS - Technology Concept

      Smart Farm Auto Control System

      • Local Sensors made in Korea
      • Heating System Control
      • Sensors for Temp, Soil, Outdoor weather
      • Auto-control of Window Opening, Watering, Heating, etc.

      NaVIt (Functional LED Lighting)

      • Lightweight Nanocarbon based Heatsink
      • Corrosion Resistant Heatsink Stable against High Temp., Humidity, Salt Water
      • Moth Repelling Nano Coating
      • No Dust Collection by ESD
      • Easy Installation & Maintenance by embedded SMPS

      Flexible Planar Film IR Heater

      • Low power to save energy
      • Installation freedom where desired
      • Flexible & Simple Modular Assembly Type
      • No CO or Hazardous Gas Emission
      • Lightweight Nanocarbon Flexible Planar Heater
      • Anti-Corrosive against High Temp., Humidity & Salt Water
      • Power : 220V

      Air-conditioning System by Water-Circulating Steel Structure

      • Water Circulating through Steel Structure
      • Flexible Planar Rubber Heater for direct Structure Heating
      • Low Power Consumption with Local Heating
      • Natural Cooling by using Groundwater
      • Thermal Fatigue Damage Decrease of Film
      • Minimized Circulating Water Loss by Recirculation after Filtration
      • Low Power Consumption based on Water Freefall
      • Power : 220V

      SPAS - Features

      Neo Technology & Neo Concept

      • Nanomaterial based Low Power IR Heater
      • Nanomaterial based Lightweight LED Lighting - Strong against Corrosion & Humidity
      • Optic-material applied Infrared Control Clear Agrifilm (Developing)
      • Digital Prediction System for Whole Cycle Agriculture based on Big Data Analysis

      Innovative Farming Cost Reduction

      • Revolutionary Farming Cost Cut by 30% ~ 40%
      • Extended Working Time due to Lower Indoor Temp. in Summer
      • Moth Repelling LED Lighting for Damage Reduction from Flies
      • Optimal System for Sub-Tropical Crops : Banana, Orange, etc.
      • Harvest Time Control for Production Increase

      Additional Revenue Generation for Farmers

      • Agritour using Sub-Tropical Crop Farming
      • Sightseeing & Dining using Sub-Tropical Crop for Small Tour Group

      Big Data based Digital Agrisystem SPAS

      GyoRin SPAS Test Bed - Banana

      • Location : 53, Choi-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggido / Interlocking Vinylhouse (Approx. 500㎡)
      • Jeju Banana, 120 planted in 2018 / 3rd harvesting since 2018
      • Optimal Temp. for banana growing : 20℃ ~ 35℃ / Max. 40℃ and Min. 15℃
      • Flexible planar heater, Light weight anti-corrosive LED lighting