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      GyoRin is a global venture based on nanomaterials & its applied technology pursuing the evolution of agriculture by applying them into eco-friendly smart agritech.

      IMS : Ion Mobility Spectrometry

      Ionized molecule has its own mobility value in the electric field and IMS is the analysis & detection technology to distinguish the mobility of ionized molecules less than nano-gram within seconds.

      Detection Procedure

      • Ionization Technology

        IntakeChemicals taken into the machine to be ionized by corona discharge

      • Drift Tube Design [Ion Moving & Focusing]

        Difference of ion mobilityIons have a difference in mobility value and collision area(Ω) in electric field, resulting in different arrival time to collector

      • Signal Analysis

        AnalysisAnalysis made based on the property of ion mobility in the electric field

      IONAB - Applications

      IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) is an analysis technology for trace substances and can be applied in various fields such as medical/environment/military as well as explosives & narcotics detection.

      구분 내용 내용 내용
      Security Explosives & Narcotics Trace Detection Baggage Detection
      Airport / Harbor / Train / Multipurpose Security
      Mail Detection
      Bio Medical Diagnostic Breathing Diabetic/Epileptic Precursor/Lung Cancer
      Residual Pesticide Urine Prostate/Bladder
      Sebum Alzheimer’s / Parkinson’s / Melanoma
      Blood Pancreatic Cancer
      Environment VOCs / PHAs / TIC
      Military Chemical Agent

      IONAB - Markets

      Public SectorB2G 50%

      • Air/Sea Port
      • Military/Police
      • Customs
      • Post-office Hub
      • Jail
      • Public Offices
      • Courts

      Multiuse FacilitiesB2B 20%

      • Stadium
      • Exhibition
      • Railways
      • Hotel/Mall
      • Theaters
      • Delivery Hub

      IndustryB2B 30%

      • Defense
      • Nuclear Power Plant
      • Chemicals/Energy

      IONAB - Specification

      Detector Type IMS (Ion Mobility Spectrometry)
      Ionization Impulsed Corona Discharge (No use of Radioactive Material)
      Size(cm) 40 × 14 × 18
      Weight (kg) 3.9 (Including battery packs)
      Analysis Materials Gaseous, Fluid and Solid
      Analysis Time Immediately (Within 5 sec.)
      Clear-Down Time Immediately (Within 5 sec.)
      Detection Mode Positive / Negative Mode & Smear / Vapor Mode
      Sensitivity Nano-gram (10-9 g)
      Warm-up Time Approx. 10 min.
      Calibration Method Automatic (Explosives) / Semi-Automatic (Narcotics)
      Operating Temp. / Humidity -20 ~ 55°С / 0 ~ 95%
      Portable Power Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
      Operation Time Over 4 hours (Dual battery)
      Alarm Alert Sound, LCD& LED Display
      Power Supply AC : 100~240V, 47~63 Hz, DC : +12V DC, 8A
      External Input/output VGA Monitor, Keyboard, USB equipment
      Data Storage Auto-save in Controller / Storage Capacity : 100,000 files

      IONAB - Database


      • Most of the existing Military and Hand-made explosives D/B (More than 15 kinds of explosives registered)
      • BP, TNT, AN-TNT, DNT, AMN, ANFO, NG, NC, PETN, RDX, C-4, HMTD etc.


      • Most frequently used and psychotropic drugs D/B (More than 7 kinds of narcotics registered)
      • Cocaine, Fentanyl, THC(Cannabis, Marihuana), Amphetamine(ecstasy), Heroine, Ketamine(Special-K), Math-amphetamine(Philopon), Morphine etc.
      • Up to 30 kinds of substances to be registered for Explosives & Narcotics, each
      • User-friendly DB system with simple registration of new substances by the end-user without any additional cost

      IONAB - Feature

      Non radioactive system Corona Discharge

      • Impulsed corona discharge system instead of dangerous Ni-63 radioactive isotope
      • Stable ionization and maximum efficiency

      Fast detection time< 5 seconds

      • Fastest detection and cleaning time within 5 seconds
      • Effective ionization source and optimized mobile conduit design

      Long battery time< 4 hours operation

      • Dual battery pack enabling longest operation time over 4 consecutive hours
      • 24 hours operation with external power supply connection